As the featured photo would imply, comparing silk screen printing & vinyl cutting is like comparing apples and oranges. It’s not a straightforward answer, and both have their strengths and weaknesses.

To help you make a more informed decision, we decided to look into common scenarios that you could be facing.

Scenario 1

Are you planning on setting up your own equipment and production?


Silkscreen printing is cheaper to set up than vinyl cutting & heat press. 

Vinyl, though, is a lot easier to learn, while silkscreen can be hard at first.


If you have low capital, then silkscreen is your only choice. If you have money, then it’s still a matter of preference because advanced silkscreen equipment can also be expensive.

Scenario 2

Are you planning on selling statement shirts or more graphics-heavy designs?


For statement shirts, vinyl would give your designs a cleaner look.

For graphics-heavy designs, vinyl cutting does have its limits in terms of the number of colors you can use and the level of detail of your designs. So we’d recommend silkscreen for this one.


Use vinyl for statement shirts and silkscreen for more graphics-heavy designs.

Scenario 3

How much capital do you have for inventory?


It’s a case of lower cost per piece versus lower total cost.

While silkscreen becomes cheaper by volume, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) would probably be between 20-50 shirts per design. 

For vinyl, there are no MOQs. However, you can dictate how many shirts you’d want to print. However, the price of vinyl doesn’t lower down the cost the more you buy.


Higher risks = higher potential returns. If you have money and want to risk spending more and getting better margins, go for silkscreen. If you’re looking to produce just a few shirts, and lower your risks, then go for vinyl.

Scenario 4

Have you validated your concept, or do you still want to see if it will fly?


If you’ve already validated your T-shirt concept, as in you’ve already tried selling some, and would like to scale your project, then you can go for silkscreen.

However, if you’re still just looking to test out the waters and find out if people will like your designs and your concept, then we’d recommend the less risky option, which is vinyl.


If validated, you can scale with silkscreen. If you’re just trying it out, go for vinyl.

If you’re planning on lowering your risk even further by pre-selling your shirts. Getting paid first and then getting the shirts produced, vinyl is the better option because you don’t have an MOQ to meet.

Choose a T-Shirt Printing Shop if You’re Just Starting

Having Revel Shore print our designs was a huge blessing. Revel Shore is a t-shirt screen printing shop. Revel Shore took care of everything from printing to delivery to hassle-free. Plus, they even got a nifty website.

If you’re looking to have your design printed onto a t-shirt without the risk or the hassle, we recommend you check out Revel Shore.

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